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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Guide to Picking Up Girls: Making The Move

Pointers from the essential resource book for picking up girls, "The Guide to Picking Up Girls" (Penguin/Putnam Books), available wherever books are sold.

Pick Up Girls - Department Store

This pick up approach is all about approaching the hottest girls with an opening statement that lays it all out - your burning desire to meet them. Why does the direct approach work so well? Two words: shock value. Watch this.

The most incredible seduction pickup I've ever seen...

Daniel Johnson meets a cute girl on the sidewalk and gets her phone number while she waits for her boyfriend!

PickUp 101's Physical Confidence

An inside look into Lance Mason's Physical Confidence Program. Hear first-hand from people who attended and see for yourself how you could benefit from the program.

Niels Hoven of Pickup 101 - Hidden camera

Niels Hoven meets a fun girl and they do lunch.

PUATraining day game. A live street pickup in London

Introducing the latest addition to the PUATraining Team: Byron - all the way from New York. In this video he demonstrates number-closing this two-set on his own, outside a busy West End pub during the day.

Mystery Plows Thrugh Shit-Tests. Live Sarge Video.

Video of pickup Guru Mystery sarging a girl who throws a lot of shit tests at him. This is a great example of how to deal with them without taking all those tests personally. Live Approaches

Day-time approach in Trafalgar Sq. London.

Steve Byrne on (dating site parody)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dave M’s Insider Internet Dating

For those who have seen David Deangelo’s Meeting Women Online program, then you would be well familiar with Dave M. He’s the guru that has revolutionized online dating through a systematic program for getting dates, sex, and girlfriends from online dating.

Check out his LONG video interview with David Deangelo here from Meeting Women Online here.

Monday, May 14, 2007

SA Ebook (sponsored review)

I was asked to review SA Ebook. I had heard of that e-book before, but to be honest didn’t really know much about it before starting this review so here’s a look at what I read and thought.

The bedroom has always been the arena in which you bring her down to earth and the female orgasm is the natural mechanism by which men assert dominion over women: a man who appreciates this can negotiate whatever difficulties arise in his relationships with them.

But lots of guys write me almost everyday with the same questions about how to satisfy their girls in bed. Well guys, this is it! This book can really help you out in your life.

The information in this e-book will help you to discover hundreds of ways to improve your sex life and how to satisfy the women, use SA Ebook and to discover thousands of ways to improve your sex techniques and satisfy your women.

What is more amazing about this book is that it embraces lots of issues, problems, techniques, situations and possibilities. It will be great for you even if you want to improve your sexual life. What I mean is that it is worth reading for any man, who wants to experience the real satisfaction of sex and enjoy it for the rest of his life.

Oh, and the best part? This book comes with 4 free bonuses ("An Introduction to Hypnosis", "How to Make Love All Night and Drive a Woman Wild!" and "The Art of Oral Sex" and "How to Eat Pussy") that are full of good tips for men to satisfy their girls.

If you want to go crazy about sex and want the same from your partner, if you desire to enjoy all the pleasures of making love and fulfill your sexual fantasies, if you want to feel the pleasure of “begging” you to have sex — well, this book is the point to start from.